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Modern Architecture

Furniture / Lighting

This collection of works spans from 2019 to 2021. It includes many projects from Zachary's final years in the UG Industrial Design program at Pratt Institute as well as content from his design internship with the global recycling company, TerraCycle.


Summer 2020

This furniture set was completed as part of a design internship with the global recycling company, TerraCycle. It consists of a stool and group seating design for use in future Loop Global launch events, including manufacturing technical packets, full-scale prototypes, and budgeting analysis.

Fall 2019

Piet is a large geometric chandelier inspired by Mondrian’s Composition. The lighting form follows a more natural style with exposed planes of wood and acrylic.


Fall 2019

Untouched is a sculptural lighting piece designed to recreate a mesmerizing effect, analogous to that of Earth’s natural world. It invites viewers to interact with the piece through touch, and quickly responds by showing the consequences of said interaction.

Fall 2019

Rooted is a wall-mounted lamp designed to bring nature’s forms into the household through intricate, playful shadows.

Lighting 1.jpg
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