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Home Objects

This collection of works spans from 2019 to 2022. It includes many projects from Zachary's final years in the UG Industrial Design program at Pratt Institute as well as personal content as a small business owner managing Corki Designs Inc.

Corki 3.jpg

Fall 2020 - present

Corki is an innovative, durable, and sustainable alternative to modern concrete and plastic planters. Its unique friction fit saucer provides an easy way to transport the pot and, more importantly, the necessary drainage all houseplants need.

Fall 2020

Combining the growing need for autism awareness with the forms and functions of the natural world, the Succulent Sensory Set provides a tactile learning tool for young children across the spectrum.

IMG_9591 half 1.jpg

Spring 2021

Diffuse aims to relieve the unprecedented stress at home caused by the coronavirus through an engaging aromatherapy routine. Taking the user through a process of creating their own infused oil, Diffuse interacts with them on a more intimate and calmer level.

Spring 2020

The Hands-On Clocks differentiate work time from play time by easing communication between family members. This design comes at a pressing time when the coronavirus swept the world by surprise in early 2020.

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