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Succulent Sensory Set

Succulent Sensory Set

Biomimicry in design

This project is a tactile learning tool that combines the growing need for autism awareness with the forms and functions of the natural world.

Project Focus

Having worked with special needs programs in the past through assisting in classrooms and curriculum development, I felt comfortable working with this topic.

The variety of textures and forms found in succulents provided a simple method of translating sensory input to children with ASD in a fun and informative way.

Succulent Sensory Set

A Tactile Learning Tool

The Succulent Sensory Set contains eight objects, each with distinct tactile surfaces, and are laid out in a cohesive pattern that allows children to color and texture match to enhance their sensory vocabulary.


The model’s textures include cotton, mesh, silicone, glue, shellac, and beeswax. The digital model was built in SolidWorks and rendered with KeyShot.

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