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Zachary Leong


Zachary Leong is an industrial and graphic designer based in New York City. Utilizing his design knowledge, technical drawing skills and imaginative mind, Zachary continues to create engaging and beautiful objects that cohesively encompass functionality, craft, and originality. 
The past few years were filled with amazing opportunities that gave learning experiences like no other. He’s now ready to channel his skills and knowledge into a meaningful position where he can work with a great team of individuals.



Moreover, he has been advancing his graphic design and marketing abilities with his recent endeavors in both Corki Designs and Queer Athena. His Corki business allowed him to work on his industrial design, graphic design, and marketing skills simultaneously, all of which he wishes to use while moving forward in his career.

Queer Athena, an LGBTQ+ event hosting organization, received an enormous amount of attention and success over the past year, gaining thousands of social media followers and dozens of connections with local artists and venues. During his time there, Zachary created promotional content, managed social medias and websites, and designed event flyers and merchandise for the queer community.

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