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Loop Tote Tower

Loop Global Exhibition

Furniture design for LOOP Global launch events

Project completed over a three-month long design internship with TerraCycle Inc. Worked with the design lead for feedback and execution.

Project Overview

Furniture design / Exhibition design

As part of a three-month long internship with the global recycling company, TerraCycle, the main project I was tasked with creating a furniture exhibition for their newest endeavor, Loop Global.

Deliverables included a stool design and a large exhibition space that showcased their signature Loop tote bag, each supplemented with a tech pack.

Stool Concept

Sketches and 1/4 scale models were created for initial review with the design team before moving on to full scale iterations.

Loop Tote stool

Tote Stool

The final stool consisted of a plastic corrugate structure and foam seat, all made from upcycled materials (poster board signs, stuffing, etc.).

The stool was also created in a flat-pack design for easy transportation and assembly.

Loop Tote Tower

Tote Tower

In addition to a stool concept, a “social media” space was created for guests to post photos of and with. The tote tower consists of exactly 100 totes, with some

requiring cushions or backrest supports. Every tote is secured in place by connecting zippers with an adjacent

tote. This method, in addition to including a wooden structure in the center, prevents totes from falling.

Loop Tote Tower

Renderings & Tech Packs

For both the stool and tote tower concepts, assembly guides and manufacturing packets were created for TerraCycle to recreate them accurately (steps 8-10 shown below). I used SolidWorks and KeyShot to build and render.

Loop Tote Exhibition
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