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Corki Planter

Corki Designs

A new way to plant

Corki Designs Inc. was formed in 2021, coinciding with the incredibly successful launch of the Corki Planter on Kickstarter.

$15,876 raised!

After gaining a combined social media following of over 3,000 people, I launched the Corki Planter on Kickstarter in late 2021.

With a funding goal of $8,000 and a campaign duration of 30 days, Corki was fully funded at just 13 days! At the end of the campaign, 125 backers pledged $15,876 (196%) to bring Corki to life.

Visit the Corki Planter Kickstarter page to view my campaign video and promotional graphics!

Corki Planter on Kickstarter

A Planter with a Purpose

Corki contains two distinct parts - a drainage saucer and the pot itself. It was designed to address the most common issue associated with houseplant care: overwatering and underwatering. Made entirely out of the cork material, the saucer friction fits onto the bottom of the pot. Meanwhile, the pot contains three drainage holes.

March 2021 - October 2023

Designed with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe InDesign

Constructed with a wood lathe, jig saw, hand saws, sanders

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