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Queer Athena at Pride NYC 2023

Queer Athena

A queer event hosting organization

Queer Athena was cofounded by Zachary Leong and Lia Athena in the Summer of 2022. They held their first official event in the Winter of 2023.

Our Mission

Queer Athena started with the purpose of bringing random queers together in a city that sometimes felt overwhelming. We started with picnics, and grew to encompass every type of event:

Art markets, scavenger hunts, outdoor hikes, drag shows, date nights, networking events, parties, and more! Queer Athena hosts what the queer community wants.

I designed the Queer Athena website linked below (which may have modifications since I last worked with it in September 2023)

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Queer Athena second picnic

Branding & Identity

As the designer of Queer Athena, I handled social media and ticketing content, designed merchandise, and managed our website - all in addition to organizing incredibly unique experiences for the LGBTQ+ community.

Below is a three-part post created for our Instagram account.

Queer Athena merchandise
Queer Athena logo

Merch Designs

I designed the Queer Athena logo to be simple and effective, allowing for multiple color variations to represent different flags of the LGBTQ+ community. Merchandise includes stickers, pins, and tote bags.

Below is an alternate logo design that was printed on T-shirts.

Queer Athena logo

Notable Events

As the main organizer, I managed events with up to a $3000 budget with consideration toward venue acquisition, vendor/artist recruitment, and catering costs. I coordinated these events with diverse audiences up to 300 guests and managed our 2023 NYC Pride appearance as well.

Queer Love Art Market Bash

Being our very first event, this was also one of our most successful events. With 130+ guests, over a dozen queer artists, and two food vendors, this event kickstarted our organization on the coldest day of 2022. This art market was spotlighted on Time Out magazine!

Queer Night in SoHo

A one-of-a-kind speed friending experience in the middle of SoHo, New York. Over 100 people participated in this experiment, with a large waitlist forming shortly before the event start time. This event was also spotlighted on Time Out magazine!

Queer Field Day

I oversaw 150+ people for Field Day activities in Prospect Park. 

2023 Pride NYC

50 people joined Queer Athena in marching at this past year's Pride. I hand painted our banner as well as coordinated with Pride volunteers.

Queer Athena Queer Love Art Market Bash

May 2022 - September 2023

Designed with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

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